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OS crash in slow_gatherer on Windows 2000
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It appears that the NtQuerySystemInformation loop in rndw32#slow_gatherer causes
an OS crash on some Windows 2000 systems when it Queries ID 17
(SystemObjectInformation). More details can be found at

Thanks to Russell Sibley for tracking this down.

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As suggested I have excluded the ID 17 on W2000 systems. I never had this
problem on my W2000 system, so I can't test whether this is sufficient. Please
try the test dll at:

cfb9f20c0f8bee3613490eaf1c577129d71b858a libgcrypt-11.dll

The DLL is smaller than the usual one because it is UPX packed. The source for
this DLL is in the svn /branches/LIBGCRYPT-1-4-BRANCH rev 1413. Please don't
don't distribute this build, it has been build with a different gcc version than
the one in gpg4win.

According to the wrieshark tracker, this has been solved.
Fix will be in 1.4.5.

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