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gnupg man page: Add address to report bugs to the BUGS section / fix it in the FAQ
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The manual and info pages contain a section called "BUGS". It would be nice to
add the link to the Bug tracker there too. Something like:

Before you report a bug, please read the FAQ. If that still doesn't solve your
problem you might report it to the GnuPG Bug tracker at
or send a mail to our mailing list ...

BTW: The related entry in the FAQ (<Q> I still have a problem. How do I report a
bug?) contains a link to This should be fixed too I guess.


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There is further a grammar:

[..] gpg comes features a bunch of options... [..]

Given that the FAQ is entirely out of date, I will add this to the BUGS section:

Before you report a bug you should first search the mailing list
archives for similar problems and second check whether such a bug has
already been reported to our bug tracker at .

I also fixed the grammar error and slighlty updated the FAQs

Done for all branches with svn r5259

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