GPGOL+WINXP+Outlook2007 Crash
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Hi guys,

First I would like thank you all for the effort you put in developping this.

I've been trying to use gpg4win and I keep having the same issue. Few time
after I install gpg (lastest version) my outlook start crashing when I try to
open emails. The weird things is it crashes on some emails only (Nothing
specific, neither signed nor encrypted). If I desintall gpg, the issue goes

I'm using outlook 2007 and windows XP with an exchange server. Not sure what
can I include to help. just le me know

On a different note, when you use exchange and select the signing/encrypt by
default option, the exchange ID is used instead of the email address of the
sender meaning the lookup for signing certificate fails and you have to select
it manually.

for example if my exchange ID is LennonJ and my associated email address is, when the default signing occurs, it try to find a
certificate for LennonJ@local instead of the email address. I tried to add the
lennonj@local in the list of my email addresses but the software doesn't let
me do it as the domain is missing (i.e .com)



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Is this still an issue?

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