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DNS Resolution Doesn't Compile On OS X
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On OS X (at least in 10.6 and I believe starting at 10.3) the DNS resolution
services fail to compile. This is a result of the addition of BIND9 compatible
resolution libraries on OS X that are being picked up by the configure script
instead of -lresolv causing the tests for useable resolution services to fail
thus disabling features like pka auto lookup.

A similar issue occured in the openldap project as described here: and I developed
a fix for gnupg modeled on the their patch (though the changes needed for the
gnupg were somewhat different). In particular the fix was to add a
second test version of the BIND_8_COMPATIBLE test that is run if first test
fails and retries the test with -lresolv prepended to LIBS and prepended to
DNSLIBS on success.

The same problem affects both the 1.4 and 2.0 stable branches as well as the
trunk so I've included patches from the svn sources for STABLE-BRANCH-1-4,
STABLE-BRANCH-2-0 and the trunk but they all enact the same changes to and add the same line to the ChangeLog.

Hmm, I seem to be able to only attach one file...I'll see if I can add comments
later with the other diffs.

Note the patch for openldap this was modeled after was released into the open
domain and I'm doing the same thing for this patch.