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pinentry-qt4 appears in the background
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Debian/Squeeze KDE4

gnupg 2.0.14-2
pinentry-qt4 0.8.0-1
libqtcore4 4.6.3-4+squeeze1

The pinentry of this version always appears in the background (below the other



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Confirmed with different user accounts and window managers (KDE, stumpwm, ...).
The qt3 version works without problems.

gnupg 2.0.14 ? You should uodate this before reporting a bug.
pinentry 0.8.1 was released 10 months ago - please test with that one first.

These are the versions in Debian squeeze.
The same happens with gnupg 2.0.17 and pinentry 0.8.0, we have not tested 0.8.1 yet.

Ludwig, can you test with 2.0.18 and 0.8.1?

tested with gnupg 2.0.18 and pinentry 0.8.0 pinentry-qt4 starts in background
tested with gnupg 2.0.18 and pinentry 0.8.1: pinentry-qt4 starts in foreground
as excepted.

So it is okay with 0.8.1