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Unable to use multiple keyservers for network transactions simultaneously
Closed, ResolvedPublic


Release: 1.0.7-6


Red Hat 8.0, Pentium IV machine


If I attempt to use more than one keyserver at once in the .gnupg/options file (or on the commandline), I cannot. The reason this is important is that it's a pain to cycle through the various pgp keyservers to try to find someone's key. (In theory they should all sync against one another, but they don't.) It'd be nice to just specify the keyservers you know and have gpg cycle through them (recv-key especially, but it probably wouldn't be bad for send-key, either). After all, similar is already possible with keyrings.

How To Repeat

Add multiple keyserver lines to your config file. Note what server(s) it actually uses. (For me it's only the last one specified.)


Cycle through them by hand.

Event Timeline

This is a frequently requested feature, and will probably be
included in a future version.

Meanwhile keyservers are getting better (SKS) and thus it
won't be necessary anymore to upload to more than one server.

We won't implement such an option.