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gpa segfaults when trying to apply backend preferences for "GPG for S/MIME"
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I observe a segmentation fault when I try the following:

gpa > Edit > Backend Preferences > Level Advanced > GPG for S/MIME

Switch "debug-level" to "Use default argument"

If you now hit the "Apply" button, gpa segfaults. I tried with the gpgme version
in Debian Sid (gpgme 1.2.0) and an own build of gpgme 1.3.2. It happens with
both gpgme versions. Backtraces attached.



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dleidert added a subscriber: dleidert.

My fix is for gpa (44b6bdf6) and gpgme (9f081da7).

It would be possible to do fix this only in GPA but the fix in gpgme makes gpgme
also more robust.

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