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Possible buffer overflow in src/keyserver.c
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I ran the clang tool to build gpa and to check for issues and there might be one
in src/keyserver.c. The struct ServerName contains:

char name[1];

However, later you do an strcpy(x->name, name) (line 72) where name is larger
than x->name.

Further in src/server.c in the function prepare_io_streams() the variable err
has no initial value. If I always take the false condition of the following
tests, it won't get any value. But at line 548 it is then tested. Maybe err
should get an initial value?



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The second thing I was wondering about was, is line 71:

x = g_malloc (sizeof *x + strlen (name) );

strlen() won't count the terminating byte whereas strcpy will copy it.

The malloc + strcpy is a standard pattern. Example;

  struct {
    int flags;
    char name[1];
  } *foo;

  foo = xmalloc (sizeof *foo + strlen (string));
  strcpy (foo->name, string);

will always work correctly. The sizeof returns the length of the
structure which includes 1 byte for name. The strlen computes the
length of string without the terminator. However we alloacted one
extra byte (the name[1]) and thus everything is fine.

Regarding the ERR thing: You are right and I wonder why gcc (4.6.3) didn't
caught it.

werner claimed this task.

Fix pushed.

werner removed a project: Testing.

0.9.3 has been released.