duplicate syms in libmpi
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referencing T1406 here since I can't update it on this bug tracker

also related to this bug

The simple solution I've found appears to be using 'static' in front of mpihelp_add_1 and
mpihelp_sub_1 declarations in mpi-internal.h, this solves compilation of gnupg 1.4 and I suspect
also of the libgcrypt case since mpi is the same.

I can produce a patch on the git repo if needed.



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See my comments for T1406. It is clearly a clang bug.

Fixed in git for gnupg 1.4.13, Libgcrypt 1.5.1 and Libgcrypt 1.6.0.

The reason why I was not able to replicate this bug was that
I didn't use -std=c99 with gcc >= 4.3.

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