Support XDG basedir specification
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werner added a subscriber: werner.Dec 15 2012, 10:06 AM

That would be incompatible to previous versions and is thus not an option. If a
user wants this GNUPGHOME provides an easy way to do so. Keys should be
considered part of the configuration.

Please notice that backward compatibility can be preserved by continue to use
$HOME/.gnupg if it exits but using/creating XDG dirs when it is not exit.

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Add more complexity to the already complex configuration.

Not ure to understand you comment...
Have you added support for XDG basedir spec?

eheintzmann reopened this task as Open.Dec 20 2012, 5:37 PM

See the Topics field above: wontfix.
The feature request has been rejected. If you still want to pursuit it, please
start a discussion at gnupg-devel and don't contine here at the BTS.

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