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bad behavior on revoked subkeys (gpg AND keyservers)
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Release: gpg1.2.1


Slackware 8.0, VIA C3 Samuel 600mhz, 512Mb DDR. glibc2.2.5, gcc3.2


I have my GPG key, and I revoked 2 subkeys after creating new subkeys.

  1. gpg displays the follow at any run involving the key: gpg: no secret subkey for public subkey FB33B3A4 - ignoring gpg: no secret subkey for public subkey CC772FC3 - ignoring
  2. None of the keyservers will accept the upload of my key with the revoked subkeys, giving various errors.

How To Repeat

The key as exported by my copy of gpg is available at:


  1. gpg shouldn't display the messages for the subkeys that are revoked
  2. the keyservers need to accept the key (I have lost some mail since the key available on them has the unrevoked versions of the subkeys and people encrypted to them).

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dshaw added a subscriber: werner.

The problem here seems to be that you deleted the secret
subkey after you revoked it. GnuPG sees the public subkey
in your public keyring, but no secret subkey to match in the
secret keyring. The warning is to let you know about the
mismatch. The issue is not that they are revoked, but that
they are missing. (Werner - I could see this particular
warning being a --verbose thing: it is easy to reproduce if
you delkey a subkey and then --refresh the public key from a
keyserver. What do you think?).

As for #2, there isn't much that we can do about that. Many
of the keyservers are buggy. You might complain on Or, use a keyserver that does
not have these bugs, such as

Closing this since 1.2.2 makes the warning message a
--verbose thing.