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GPA "Verify documents" window doesn't scroll
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As with older versions of PGP, GPA will create amored, detached signature files.
Also as with older versions of PGP these ASCII files can be concatenated into a
single "text" file. When it is requested to verify the signatures in this
concatenated signature file GPA properly verifies and reports each of the
embedded signatures in the concatenated signature file. The bug is that the
"Verify documents" window that appears with this information has no scroll bars
to allow viewing all the signatures (scrolling with arrow keys works).
Attempting to resize the window to enlarge the status display area results in
stretching the window, an unexpected behavior. The "Change Note" window in
which I am now typing works as expected for scrolling and resizing.



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Tested patches are welcome (against git master of course).

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Fixed in 0.9.4, coming soon.