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libgcrypt segfaults on x32 ABI
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A user reported issues building GnuPG failing at ../../g10/gpg2 --homedir .
--quiet --yes --no-permission-warning --import ./pubdemo.asc

gpg: signal Segmentation fault caught ... exiting

Upon looking into the issue it was determined that it is specific to the x32 ABI
and can be corrected by specifying BYTES_PER_MPI_LIMB correctly for this ABI in

A proposed patch has been sent to the gcrypt-devel mailing list with title
[PATCH] Fix a segfault for x32 ABIs resulting in erronuous detection, of size

Additional information at

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Fix has been pushed for 1.6 and master. Thanks,

1.6.2 with the fix was released in August

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