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lib-gpgerror cross compile ignore 2nd component of host for lock header?
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As far as I can see when building using cross compile the
src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.@HOST@.h is included for platform specific declaration.

I understand that out of @HOST@ the arch(1), os(3) and libc(4) are important.

But what about making the sub architecture? the 2nd part, maybe it can be
ignored, for example unknown_softfloat or pc vs unknown or ibm.

This will enable higher chance of successfully build package using a cross
compiler using the already generated includes.



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But that also introduces a new class of bugs. I think it is easier to simply
add a new file. If it eventually turns out that we have too many identical
files, we can change that by adding a mapping table to mkheader.

I try to imagine where the subarch can cause an issue, maybe a big fat warning
when mapping should be sufficient at this point?

For now I will add a note for everyone that opens a bug for this reason to
duplicate the unknown subarch into his own, package will not be compiled
automatically for these.


FWIW, meanwhile there is a mapping table in src/mkheader.c:canon_host_triplet.

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Thanks, but I do not understand the comment, do you suggest to patch this file
with every subarch out there? I still trying to understand why subarch is
important for the processing, it is a generic string.

I doubt that the subarch always uses the same ABI.

Maybe add configure parameter to ignore subarch for 99% of cases in which it
does not matter? This will avoid patching in most of the cases.

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