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Add option to output the signed text with --verify
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--output with --verify does not seem to create the signed data as documented in
the gpg man page (under --verify).


sh -xc 'mkdir test_ver_out; cd test_ver_out ; echo test > test.txt ; gpg
--clearsign test.txt ; ls; gpg --output test.out --verify test.txt.asc; ls; [ -f
test.out ] && echo "YAY, it worked" || echo " error: no output"'
+ mkdir test_ver_out
+ cd test_ver_out
+ echo test
+ gpg --clearsign test.txt
+ ls
test.txt test.txt.asc
+ gpg --output test.out --verify test.txt.asc
gpg: Signature made Mon Jan 12 17:32:01 2015 MST using DSA key ID XXXXXXXX
gpg: Good signature from "Example <>" [unknown]
gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
gpg: There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.
gpg: WARNING: not a detached signature; file 'test.txt' was NOT verified!
+ ls
test.txt test.txt.asc
+ [ -f test.out ]
+ echo '
error: no output'

  • error: no output

Shouldn't there be a test.out with the same contents as test.txt?


2.1.1 (at least)

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This has never been the case and for backward compatibility we can't simply
chnage it.

We can add a new command or option to allow that. I changed the title and
category to reflect this.

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That's fine... or just make the wording in the man page more clear. Under
--verify, it talks about using --output with cleartext signed data. That seemed
to imply (to me) that --output is used _with_ --verify. I think it should be
clearer that --output is to be used _without_ --verify or that --output has no
effect when using --verify.

So this could be treated as just a documentation bug rather than create yet
another new option.

For what it's worth, I don't think backward compatibility is an important
concern here. If someone was using --output with --verify before, they likely
were under the impression that the combination worked when in reality the two
options together just weren't a valid combination. It seems unlikely that
anyone would depend on --output being ignored when used with --verify, and so
making the combination work now should not cause legitimate compatibility problems.

If the combination of --output with --verify is not made to work, there should
probably be a warning emitted (in addition to fixing the documentation).

In summary, it seems to me that viable options are at least the following:

  • make --output work with --verify (possibly bad for compatibility reasons in

the rare use case of someone depending on current behavior of the currently
invalid combination)

  • fix man page in the --verify section - specifically, clarify the text

discussing using --output

  • add some new option
  • warn if an invalid combination of options exists (e.g., --verify with

--current in the current implementation <= 2.1.1)

These are not necessarily exclusive choices.

I guess I would prefer to allow the combination to work or warn and fix the
docs. Not as keen to add yet another new option - there's already a lot.

I can work up a patch if we can settle on a direction.

This has been implemented in the repo to be released with 2.1.16.

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