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Some keyids make --refresh-keys ignore ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf
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Given a config file with:

  keyserver x-hkp://

Note that usually --refresh-keys will honor this:

$ /usr/bin/gpg --refresh-keys --keyserver x-hkp://

3BF0E8B3615BF434 D8425D4D2DF2DD84

  gpg: refreshing 2 keys from x-hkp://
  gpg: requesting key 3BF0E8B3615BF434 from hkp server
  gpg: requesting key D8425D4D2DF2DD84 from hkp server
  gpg: Interrupt caught ... exiting

However, I found a keyID that causes it to ignore the preference:

$ /usr/bin/gpg --refresh-keys --keyserver x-hkp://


gpg: requesting key BEB441496300CC3D from hkp server
gpg: Interrupt caught ... exiting



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gpg --check-sigs --list-options show-keyserver-urls BEB441496300CC3D
sig!3 BEB441496300CC3D 2011-02-15 Jeremy Kitchen (Systems

   Preferred keyserver: hkp://

The key itself specifies preferred keyserver which overrides a standard keyserver.

Wow. I didn't even know that was a thing. What's weirder is --keyserver doesn't
override it. Shouldn't the user be able to override it somehow?

Some may want such an option, please discuss at gnupg-users and re-open this bug
if the conclusion is that there needs to be a way to ignore the preferred keyserver.