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search by e-mail address should find e-mail-only User IDs.
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Some keys have User IDs that are just raw e-mail addresses, like
"". searching for those keys "by e-mail address" using angle
brackets as specified by the gpg documentation fails, but i think it should work.

While this is an "addr-spec" from RFC 5322 [0] and not the "name-addr"
recommended by RFC 4880 [1], it's something people are used to seeing in the
same location (the e-mail "to:" or "from:" fields)

the man page says:

       By exact match on an email address.
              This  is  indicated  by enclosing the email address in the usual
              way with left and right angles.


a User ID that is an exact match on that e-mail address should also be returned
in the list of matching keys.

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Done with commit bebab54. See also the comment for 783a4a9.

Works only with kbx files.

werner added a project: Restricted Project.Mar 20 2015, 3:49 PM

I can confirm that this is resolved in 2.1.3 with .kbx files. Thanks for the fix!

dkg removed a project: Restricted Project.