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unintuitive behavior when clearing or setting unsecure passphrase
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When I want to clear my passphrase (because my hard disk is anyhow encrypted),
after leaving the corresponding fields empty and klicking on 'OK' I get a
warning that this is not a good idea etc. This is all good and well. But when I
then klick on "Yes, protection is not needed", the pinentry for setting the
passphrase is again shown instead of accepting that I actually do not want a
passphrase. After 3 or so attempts gnupg finally accepts my decision.

The same happens when setting a not secure enough passphrase (i.e. no numbers)
and klicking on 'Take this one anyway'.

This behavior is really confusing.



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viktor set Version to 2.1.
viktor added a subscriber: viktor.

This will mostly be fixed in 2.1.3 however one bug still persists: You need to
enter the emprty passphrase twice. This annoys me too and it will be fixed
after 2.1.3.

Still an issue in gpg 2.1.21.