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pinentry-curses: no escape codes?
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Input pinentry-curses doesn't accept escape sequences like CTRL+W or
ALT+Backspace, to delete the entire word.

Is that a design decision or a bug?

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werner added a subscriber: werner.

dkg and Neal fixed a couple of things recently. @neal: I think supporting C-W
in curses would a good idea.

I wonder how useful this is. When entering your password, you can't see it.
Thus, if you make a mistake are you really able to recover by deleting the last
word? I don't think I could. If werner still thinks it is a good idea, I'll
implement it, but I think it is a waste of time.

Ctrl+W might not be as useful as Ctrl+U, but I think on Unix that's standard
behavior that can be expected. cryptsetup of LUKS knows it, too.

I added support for control-u, control-w and alt-backspace in d3c52a1. Do you
think there are any other useful escape codes?

I also added support for control-h (backspace) and control-l.