make distclean forgets tests/crls.d and tests/S.dirmngr
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»make distclean« forgets to delete »tests/crls.d« and »tests/S.dirmngr«.
Try this:

tar jvxf gnupg-2.1.3.tar.bz2
cp -a gnupg-2.1.3 gnupg-2.1.3.original
make install
make distclean
diff -r gnupg-2.1.3 gnupg-2.1.3.original


perske set Version to 2.1.3.
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Actually "make distcheck" does such a check and thus I wonder how this can
aheppn. Well (make distcheck and me) we are always doint out-of-source builds
so this might be the reason.

werner added a comment.Jan 6 2017, 5:36 PM

The tests framework has anyway been reworked and thus I doubt that this is still
a bug.

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