Wrong line endings when decrypting to console
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When decrypting to console gnupg 2.1.3 creates "\r\r\n" line endings, while
decrypting to file creates "\r\n" line endings. Is this an expected behavior? Is
there any way to get the "\r\n" line endings when decrypting?

gpg --decrypt encrypted.gpg > DecryptConsole.txt
--> creates "\r\r\n" line endings

gpg --decrypt --output DecryptOutputfile.txt encrypted.gpg
--> creates "\r\n" line endings


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Missed to explain that this does not happen when using gnupg 2.0.* and this occured
on Windows. I did not try this on *nix.

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The problem is likely due to a bug in libgpg-error. You may want to test the
latest master.

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gp_ast: have you gotten a chance to try this?

Hi Neal, I am not able to reproduce the issue with GnuPG 2.1.10 anymore.

Okay, Feel free to re-open if you see it again.

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