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Non-breaking space in French translation
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In Tomb we came across this peculiar and hard to spot bug here:
related to the most infamous issue of non-breaking spaces (NBS)

The French translation of GnuPG status message includes the string:
"gpg: chiffré avec 1 phrase secrète"
where the space between "1" and "phrase" is a non-blocking space. Curiously
enough, "phrase" is not a French word AFAIK so this string may occur also in
other translations.

In our case the NBS hangs the '=~' string operator in Zsh (and we are
interacting now with the ZSh team for a workaround to face all such kind of
situations), but it is also known to cause problems in all kinds of shell
scripting situations. Considering that the status of GnuPG is best interacted
via shell, this NBS may constitute a fairly large scale case for bugs that are
hard to spot.

I recommend that GnuPG runs a scan across all its translated and not translated
strings to spot NBS and convert them to normal space chars (0x20).


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You say that this creates all kinds of problems, but you one cite one case,
which is a fixed bug in zsh. Can you give me a few more examples so that I can
better understand the problem and decide on the best solution. Thanks.

Just run a search about "non-breaking space" and you'll see. Now I'm wondering why
you are asking: is that non-breaking space meant to be there? in case yes, I'd be
curious about the case it serves. I just quickly assumed it is a bug. Ciao

I was actually wrong (my French is too rusty) "phrase" is a French word.

The non-breaking spaces are contained into .po translated files for French and
Czeck languages for GnuPG-2. If you don't agree well then I'd recommend
consistency across all .po files, using non-breaking spaces also in other
translations and specify this choice in GnuPG's documentation.

Either way I'd be happy to contribute myself a patch for this issue, on top of
current git HEAD.

Removing non-breaking spaces is a regression. Their appropriate use improves
readability. See, for instance, the following discussion:
. If you have patches to improve the use of non-breaking spaces (adding them
where appropriate and removing them when they aren't as per the above), these
would be welcome.

As far as I can tell, this output shouldn't really be parsed anyways: it's only
intended for humans. Please feel free to ask on gnupg-devel how to
appropriately do what you are trying to do.


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I fully agree and I can only repea: Do not parse the output intended for humans
but use the --status-fd option. There is no excuse in not doing so.

Sure. The issue of consistency across translations is just nitpicking.

The issue of parsing is solved as +notabug for gnupg, since the bug was actually in
ZSh - and is now fixed. Even in older Zsh version can be avoided by decoupling stdin
and stderr in the parsing, basically using --status-fd. I should have done that in the
first place. Apologies for emphasizing this here, as Gnupg offers all the correct
facilities to decouple the output streams.

Unrelated with the issue above, I still think that normalization of white-space usage
across different translations would be an improvement, but since doing it requires a
semantic analysis that is contextual to the language, its quite hard to realize now.
Perhaps a good idea that documentation for translators include a note about white-
space usage. But again, this is nitpicking. Feel free to close the issue.

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I'm marking this issue as resolved.