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Enhance pinentry-qt dialog title with key specific info to facilitate auto-typing
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This is a request for a minor improvement plus some (hopefully valid enough)
reasoning to back it up.

Several cross platform password managers, eg Keepass & KeepassX to name two
popular ones, have the ability to auto-type in input boxes, in which login
credentials are expected, after the user presses a global key combination. The
password manager determines the relevant window/dialog by comparing the titles
of the currently open windows with a title the user has stored in the entry's
settings within the password manager's database.

I was trying to use Gpg4win and noticed that, whenever the passphrase to unlock
a key is needed, the pinentry dialog pops up and asks for the passphrase. The
title of the dialog is 'Pinentry', which is absolutely fine, except for the case
that the user needs to use the Auto-Type feature of the password manager. This
results in an extra action: that of the selection of the right entry.

By enhancing the title of that dialog by adding some key specific information,
for instance 'Pinentry for [KeyIDhere]', it would greatly facilitate this
process as the password manager would be able to determine both the relevant
dialog and the password entry and eventually auto type the passphrase in one go.

I am aware that the passphrase could be cached so the user doesn't have to type
it all the time, but personally I am not terribly excited with that option, so I
was looking for alternatives in order to stick to the concept of giving the
password manager a very central role in the workflow.

Last but not least, I'd like to thank you for all the hard work on this great
piece of software.

Kind Regards,