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Secure delete option for decrypted file
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Moved a gpgex/Kleopatra feature request from

I request inclusion of a "secure delete" option. Often I open a GPG protected
file to read (not edit or change) operation. This leaves the .gpg file and the
clear-text file on my hard drive. After I finish the read operation I need to
securely delete the clear text file.

Today I have to rename it to something (such as ""), then I gpg encrypt
it to any of my own keys and select the "delete source file option", the I
delete in the file browser (explorer). Come to think of it, I really don't know
what the deletion of the source file is in any way a secure operation or if it's
leaving the clear text file sitting around my drive for some snoop to find in
the future.

It would be marvelous if there was a "shred" option presented when I right-click
on a file so that I could perform this operation more rapidly.

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Secure deletion is a hard problem that depends on the operating system and the
file system used and might even depend on the hardware. I'm not sure if the way
mentioned in this wish would result in "Secure deletion".

GnuPG is not the tool for this.