Kleopatra and gpgex problem
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Tried to encrypt some files via explorer shell extension. Kleopatra was opened
and minimised. After a click on "encrypt" in menu, file browser (total
commander) freezed for a few seconds (maybe 5 or more) and the information
appeared, saying: "Can not connect to GnuPG user Interface (Kleopatra) IPC
connect call failed."
When I switched to Kleopatra, it was frozen and didn't respond to anything, so I
killed it. Then started Kleopatra again, and tried to encrypt those files in it.
That worked. So I tried to decrypt the files via shell extension and the same
error message appeared, but Kleopatra still worked.
I am new to Gpg4win so there may be some mistakes in my description. I like this
piece of software and I am confused why it doesn't work. And I didn't find exact
the same bug report. If anyone has a question, feel free to ask me.


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There are several reports about such problems. So far I'm unable to reproduce /
debug this. But we have to look into conditions that might cause this and at
least improve error reporting in these cases.

So far I can only think of that the UIserver socket file
(%APPDATA%\gnupg\S.uiserver) has permissions that kleopatra can not create it.

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With Gpg4win 3.0 we have reworked the startup of Kleopatra. It is now much more robust. Please try https://wiki.gnupg.org/GpgOL/Development/Testversions and reopen this issue / comment if this is still a problem.