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gpgsm has --prefer-system-dirmngr, but system-wide dirmngr is deprecated
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in recent versions of gpg 2.1, dirmngr is not generally intended to run as a
system-wide daemon. From dirmngr(8):

       For historical reasons it is also possible to start dirmngr in a system
       daemon  mode  which  uses  a different directory layout.  However, this
       mode is deprecated and may eventually be removed.

But gpgsm has the option --prefer-system-dirmngr, which is not explicitly marked
as deprecated (and on Windows it is always used):

              If a system wide dirmngr is running in daemon mode, first try to
              connect  to  this  one.  Fallback to a pipe based server if this
              does not work.  Under Windows this option is ignored because the
              system dirmngr is always used.

These seem to be in conflict with one another. It would be good to align them.



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The passage has been removed from the dirmngr man page, and I marked the gpgsm option as obsolete.