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missing key for symbolic link tofu.d/email/*/file.db lead to segfaul
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This should be somehow a uncommon thing but i wanted to get notice. I sync my
tofu.d directory with git annex. Removed the .git directory in that place lead a
lot of symbolic link not find the original file, as expected, but when trying to
open a mail from mutt i was not able to see them and the keys were not recreated
as the .git directory wasn't there

gpg: Firmado el jue 10 mar 2016 19:16:12 CLT
gpg: usando RSA clave XXXXXXXXXXXX
gpg: Warning: Home directory contains both tofu.db and tofu.d.
gpg: Using split format for TOFU database
gpg: error opening TOFU database
'/home/guido/.gnupg/tofu.d/email/se/some_email.db': unable to open database file

gpg: signal Segmentation fault caught ... exiting
Violación de segmento

it's probably very small, but i wanted to let you know

thanks for your work!

guido renamed this task from missing key in tofu.d/email/ to missing key for symbolic link tofu.d/email/*/file.db lead to segfaul.Mar 24 2016, 6:05 PM

Thanks for reporting this! These types of bugs are important. Thanks for
reporting it. I will take a look at it soon.

werner added a subscriber: werner.

Thanks for the report. Probably fixed with commit e2c5781.

werner removed a project: Testing.

closing due to the release of 2.1.12.