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gpg command line language wrong
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I am working with an English language Win7 x64 system. Still, gpg.exe shows its output in the
command line (and when called from within Enigmail in Thunderbird) in German instead of in

This may be because I have set my Location (for weather services etc.) as well as my number
formats/units to German, but neither of those two is supposed to change the language any program
is displayed in.



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marcus added a subscriber: marcus.

gnupg uses LC_ALL, LC_MESSAGES, LANG and the system default determined with GetThreadLocale() on Windows. Can you please check if you have set any of these environment variables?

werner added a subscriber: werner.

2.0 will reach EOL soon and we have received no response. Thus closing. If the problem persists with 2.2 (e.g. from gpg4win 3.0) please re-open this bug.

Hiddi added a subscriber: Hiddi.

Problem/Bug still persists in current version (gpg4win 3.1.16) --> reopen

More info: my windows' display language is English, my locale is customized based on "German (Switzerland)" (German defining the names of days/months, as I can't stand reading them in English).
Before finding this thread, I had not set any of the LC_ALL, LC_MESSAGES, LANG environment variables set. Currently I've set LANG=EN as a workaround, so gpg correctly outputs English instead of German.

gnupg using GetThreadLocale() to determine language is just wrong. Locale describes formatting of things like numbers, numeric system, date/time, currencies, metric/imperial measurement etc.
I think GetThreadUILanguage() should be used instead.

Glad I found this thread. At first I thought the problem was with the gpg4win installer's language selection.

Thanks for the info.

GetThreadUILanguage is new since Vista but we still have many users running XP on airgap systems. Yes, we can test and dynload this function. I turn this into a feature requests for GnuPG 2.3.

In that case maybe GetUserDefaultUILanguage. Thank you for considering.