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GPA should explain problems with expired subkeys.
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GPA fails to encrypt any file when using attached key (mBank17044.asc).
Error message:
"The GPGME library returned an unexpected error at gpafileencryption.c:771. The error
was: Useless public key"
I've tested it on two PCs (both WIN7) with different GPA versions (0.9.1 and 0.9.9).
The key itself is a bit strange (most keys are ca. 2KB in size, this one is 5KB) but it
was generated by an IT Department of a bank so i'd like to assume that they know what
they're doing...


GPA 0.9.1 & 0.9.9

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Do you mean "unusable public key"? That might be due to an expired or revoked
subkey of that key.

Yes "unusable public key" (original message was not in English and obviously I
failed at translation...).
The key is valid (created at 2015-01-19, no expiration date) - you can see it
yourself, it's attached to this thread.

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$ gpg mBank17044.asc
pub rsa2048/375EB336C8086B9E 2015-01-19
uid AR17044 <>
sub rsa2048/75E684B9017985DF 2014-12-29 [expires: 2016-01-20]

[uid redacted]
As you can see, the encryption subkey expired in January. Thus the holder of
the key does not want you to encrypt to this key after that date. We know that
GPA should give a better error message. I'll change your report to a wish to
implement this.

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The next version will have a details button to show the actual gpg output. This will often be helpful.