tofu.test fails in a few months
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the keys in tests/openpgp/tofu-keys.asc all expire on 2016-09-17, less than
three months away.

This means that tofu.test will fail with:

   Wrong default trust.  Got: `e', expected `m'

in about 90 days.

We're already seeing this problem in debian's reproducible builds, where one
build is done with a clock that is advanced 398 days from the present.

For example:

(you can see that clock variations are the likely culprit: )

I'm not sure the right way to deal with test keys like this so that the test
suite itself doesn't gratuitously fail just because the wall clock advances.
Maybe 10-year expirations would be sufficient, with a warning (not a failure)
that shows up in the test suite when the keys have less than 2 years left?

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For the few gpgsm tests we have, the --faked-system-time option is used. We
should use this here too.

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Fixed in e584d646. Includes a fix for the old test for those who need to
backport it.