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Please add information on creation/installation of Keyring server software
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I was trying to setup a keyring server to work with GnuPG. It took quite a bit of time to get the information on the required software. Websearch on "keyring server" led to a lot of operational servers instead of the software.

I think it will be useful if you could have links (in the "related software" section) to keyring software on the GNUPG website. Here is the software I used:


Add a few links to obtaining and configuring Keyring server software in the Related Software section on the GNUPG website.

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Good hint. I think I'll add something under the tool page.

According to Kristian, there are currently two main keyservers.

The most widely used keyserver is SKS. It's homepage is here:

A new keyserver being developed in go is hockeypuck:

Werner: Is adding these under

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I've added this now.