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gpg4win-3.0.0-beta187 and gpg4win-2.3.3 result in crashes of Outlook 2016 (64 bit)
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Hello all together,

I tried to use gpg4win to encrypt and decrypt e-mail messages in Outlook 2016.
However, if I start Outlook and try to decrypt an e-mail of facebook (with
double click on the mail), Outlook hangs and the kleopatra encrypting window
keeps open forever (The first time I waited an hour or so). I already tried the
latest stable version of gpg4win and the latest beta version of gpg4win,
however, both times I've this problem :/ I'll attach a log file of gpgol (as I
suspect the error to be in the plugin). If you need more information, I'm
willing to provide if possible :)



GpgOL 1.4.0

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Thanks for testing gpg4win This issue was already reported in T2335 and has
been resolved (but not yet released).

I'll upload a new beta next week.



thanks for your message. I installed the gpg4win beta 194 (3.0.0, released at
15th November), however, Outlook now crashes with another error message:
Runtime Error!

Program: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Offie16\OUTLOOK.EXE

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the acpplication's support team for more information.

The error message occurs, when I _select_ an encrypted/signed message in outlook
(preview window is off, so the message should probably not be loaded, yet). I
can't open the message itself (but I'll need to enter my private key pin).

Is this related to this bug or should I open a new one?


However, if I turn the reading area/preview are on, anything works fine :/

Thanks for testing the beta and your report. I can reproduce some weird crashes
when the preview pane is disabled, too. It's not 100% for me but some times
after sending a crypto mail sometimes later it crashes, sometimes when switching
folders it crashes, very weird. Sometimes the decrypted contents of a mail are
not shown after opening it.

And with preview everything is fine.

Looking into it.

aheinecke added a project: Unreleased.

Ok, I found the problem, as we handle the selection changed event in the
messagelist we were trying to decrypt messages even if they were not loaded /
visible in the preview window. That caused a weird state and several errors.

I've fixed it now so that we only decrypt items when a selection changes in an
Explorer that has a visible preview pane. I'll let you know once a beta with
that fix is released.

Thanks again,