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Lack of HTTPS issues on
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There are a number of issues on

validator/images/vcss and - both are also
available over https, please change this to avoid mixed content warnings by
browsers. (For privacy reasons you might also consider hosting the images
locally so that no unneeded request goes to a third party.)

  • The links to the W3C should also be changed to https.
  • The link to the UN gives an error (and it goes to a http page), you can

change it to

  • The gnupg-for-java link to github uses http, github is https by default,

please change to

  • The example git clone command uses the insecure git:// protocol, this should

be changed to use the secure https version.

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justus removed a project: In Progress.

There are two http links left on the page. One ( is unfortunately
unavailable over https. The other ( seems to no longer exist, as the
company has merged with another one and is only a forward to plusserver. Probably
that simply should be changed to (and maybe the logo
as well).

We are waiting for Plusserver or one of their sub-companies to tell us how to

I updated the logo and link to PlusServer.

The remaining issue is the link to I contacted the people running the
site in January, and I was told that the issue will be dealt within a few months.

Please remove the logo and url. This is an FSFE project and (iirc)
they stopped the DRM project and thus tehre is no budget for doing even trivial
They scared the voluntary sysadmins mostly away.