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command line keytocard
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Created this issue to make sure the patch doesn't get lost.

i tried to invoke from the --card-edit menu the keytocard function within batch
file. But that seams not work.

Which is a document feature —card-edit is a interactive tool.

To make it working, I would try to implement —quick-keytocard in the same style
like —quick-addkey.

I looked around in gpgme and didn’t not found any entry point which allows me to
do keytocard.

My question is, if i try now to implement quick-keytocard, would you accept my

Or is there any other idea how to send a key from gpg to a smartcard within a batch?

I currently only know one bigger obstacle keytocard needs a passphrase and the
adminpin both a gather via
pinentry. This leads to a extension to the batch mode command line (--no-tty
--pinentry-mode loopback --passphrase-fd).


Now —quick-keytocard is working for me. I can pass the passphrase
and the adminpin down. I solved it by enabling the multiple use of

here the patch for the passphrase change

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The gpg-card is more flexible than the old gpg stuff. If there is something missing we will add it over time but it does not make sense to keep this request open.