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sed expressions in acinclude.m4 violate BRE (use GNU sed extensions)
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Any (specifially, NetBSD-shipped standard "sed" in NetBSD 1.4.x)


There are two sed expressions in acinclude.m4 which require GNU sed, because they are not valid basic regular expressions (BREs). This is because they use the qualifier "?", which is considered a normal character in BREs; the BRE equivalent is "{0,1}".

How To Repeat

Compile on a system with a traditional sed and _-prefixed symbols. See that the symbol table doesn't get the underscore treatment because the REs did not match.


See attached diff. This should apply and work cleanly on all three named branches. "It would be nice" if this were fixed in 1.2.5, and future releases.

Release Note

Thanks. I have done the fix for 1.2 and 1.3.
It is not used in 1.9 nor in libgcrypt; for the latter we switch to use libbtools ac macros.

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There is of course the problem that the {n,m} syntax is not supported by very old systems. However, I don't see an easy other solution and {n,m} is Posix.