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Extend --unwrap to also remove a compression layer.
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Over in the enigmail mailing list:

Patrick Brunschwig writes about converting an encrypted message into a cleartext

If the message was signed and encrypted in one step, then the signature
will be removed as well. GnuPG does not have a functionality to extract
the signature from the encryption (which would theoretically be

If this functionality was provided, then enigmail could presumably preserve
signatures on the transformed message.

I don't personally think this is a high priority, since i think a better
approach (over storing the message as cleartext) is to simply cache the session
key to facilitate future decryption without secret key access.

But i wanted to record the observation of the missing feature here.



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We have the --unwrap option which already does this. The problem here is that an addition compression layer is not removed. Therefore I will rename this report to add a feature strip things down to a signature or literal data packet..

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