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Login via Roundup account on currently not possible
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Login at is currently not possible.
I have sent Justus an email with details how to repair it (configuration for
this tracker) and added a notice to the wiki's login page.

Please assign this issue to when login works again, so I can remove the notice.

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thomas added subscribers: bernhard, thomas, werner, justus.

Please assign this issue to _me_ when ...

Note that roundup will be decommissioned in the near future, thus the wiki needs
to switch to another authentication method anyway.

Werner: Will you provide a new authentication methods for people participating
in the GnuPG communit?

What should we do until then?
The wiki is potentially interesting each day. It is probably easiest for the
users if you restore the old behaviour until a new authentication method for the
GnuPG-Community is available. Otherwise users must change their credentials two
times (First to the separate wiki authentication now and then to the new one
once it is available.)

What is the estimated roadmap for replacing roundup?

Thomas: Done. I was able to login to the wiki using my roundup credentials again.

(I cannot assign the issue to you.)

I can confirm that I can login again.

@justus: Thanks for the quick fix!

Thank you.
I have removed the hint about the login problems.

Please give Bernhard and me a head-up (outside this issue) as soon as you know
which authentication method/providers you will support.