Decrypt data corruption
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First post, so please forgive any noob mistakes in etiquette. I haven't found any posts with similar

Im dealing with an issue while decrypting data from a vendor, that just recently began to fail after
they started using something called "MoveIT application". I cant get too much out of them on how the
process chqanged on their side. There is no error to reference, but the resulting text is different.
it is only this one vendor where i have a problem, and it is only when decrypting their data in a
When using cmd line, the desired results are returned.

In an AIX shell script, This common command is used for many different files.

--no-secmem-warning --homedir $GPG_HOME --no-tty -d -o $LOCAL_DIR/$DECRYPTED_FILE $LOCAL_FILE

What I get, some characters might be missing or replaced with ascii garbage, or newline/CR might be
missing, turning multiple 200 char records into a single 50,000 car record.

but this only happens in script, and only for one particular vendor. The exact block of data decrypts
properly when I am in telnet, or use gpg4win. We have tried changing ciphers, and i even sent them a
new key, with no change in result.

Any ideas on what might be in their data or their encryption method that might make my decryption
garble the results?


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Are they sending ASCII armored files (those with "-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----")
of binary data?

They might have used the -t (--textmode) option and removed that.

But more likely is that this is one of the usual CR,LF problems. For example
when using FTP, and sending binary data, it is important to switch to binary
mode first. WIthout looking at the data it is hard to help.

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