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gpg-agent 2.0.30 not able to create SHA-2 signatures with scute
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Unfortunately the commit

got not backported to the stable 2.0 branch, see

for details.

My symptom is like follows:

$ gpg-connect-agent



SETHASH 8 79E12A66EFAAD785A443BB9787C8EF8A87F0DF4AA9669C452FCEBC67D323C42B



ERR 100663351 Invalid value <SCD>

Please backport the SHA-2 fix to gnupg-2.0 now that SHA-1 is deprecated for 6 years.

TIA, Wolfgang

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Given that 2.0 will reach EOL in 9 months I don't think it is worth to backport
and test that patch.

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Hello Werner,

The problem is, that some projects liek gpgtools for MacOS are reluctantly sticking to
gnupg-2.0 :-/

So, I'd love to have this patch committed in order to ease the transition phase from

2.0 to 2.1 for them.

Regards, Wolfgang
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gpgtools will have to update.