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Add latest GnuPG release notes to the website.
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The gnupg website has some issues.

  1. The release note page:

    is missing release notes for the past two releases. At the time of writing, the current

release is 2.1.19, but the last entry on that page is 2.1.17.

Would it be useful to make a kind of "release checklist" file which can be used around

the time of a release to check this kind of thing is not forgotten in the future?

  1. Again, on the release notes page:

    "2.1.19 is the stable and modern version of GnuPG"

    But on the download page, 2.1.19 is the modern release, and 2.0.30 is the stable


  1. What is the status of gpg-1.x?

    This version is not mentioned on the download page any more. Is it dead now? Should

downstream packagers start deprecating this too?

On the release notes page there is a comment: "Version 1.4.21 is from the old GnuPG-1

series, which is useful to decrypt PGP-2 encrypted data.", which is open to
interpretation. It would help if you could be more explicit.

I wonder if the comments about versions on the release notes page should be

moved/massaged into the download page.


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re 1. It is pretty new that the release notes are linked to the NEWS files. We
have a script to do this but it still needs a manual build. Have not yet done
that. For 10 days or so we again have an autobuilder for the website which can
take over the manual build step. Needs to be done. I keep this bug open to
track this.

re 2. The labels attached to the branches aused more confusion than they helped.
The plan is to remove 2.0 entirely (its EOF is in 9 months). The website
should only prominently only show the stble version. And yes, "modern" has been
stable as well.

re 3. To avoid confusion 1.4 has mostly been removed from the frontpage. Same
reason as above. However, somewhere we need to state this.

Thanks, sounds like you have plans to address all three of the problems then.


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