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t-recsel on make check in gnupg-2.1.19 fails
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Calling make check outpout is
t-recsel: Fatal: libgcrypt is too old (need 1.7.0, have 1.6.5)
FAIL: t-recsel
libgcrypt-config --version returns 1.7.6
was built with all packages from download page
What about giving proper instructions to download all packages needed, maybe
with wget?



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Do you configure your libraries?
Please check your system if you have ilbgcrypt 1.7.6 runtime library.
I mean: LD_LIBRARY_PATH and ldconfig.

not sure if that should be called closed as described here
"This is no a bug but a non-proper installation of libgcrypt. In fact the output
of libgcrypt's "make install" shows hints on how to finish the install; also
pointing to ldconfig.

In general it is not easy to install a newer version of a library on a system
which already has an older version of that library."
Sorry for double post.