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The wiki at has some documentation, that can be moved here. The main contributor @bernhard has given his ok. Invite the community and, assuming broad consensus, convert documentation and import it here for further editing. is written in moinmoin and creole markup.

As the authentication was relying on, which is shut down, this task has a high priority.

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Note that we could switch the back to local authentification
(or any other authentification that provides, see
and continue using it.

As for the migration plans. I think we should decide which way to go. I see three possibilities:

  1. migrate everything
  2. migrate only a part, e.g. keep the development parts in the phabricator wiki and the user centric parts in
  3. migrate nothing

I'll send an email to gnupg-devel to inform the community of this discussion.

After reviewing the content on the wiki, I don't think anymore that migrating the wiki as a whole is a good strategy, so I will close this simplicistic task. Discussing on the mailing list is of course appropriate.

Mail send:


  • We shall decide how much history to keep. Usually it would be good to keep the history for transparency reasons, but for a number of pages it may not be necessary, they could be recreated.
  • If we migrate a significant number of pages we should look into automatic conversion. There are several creole python parsers, so we should be able to write a transforming script with reasonable efforts.
  • It is possible to easily use some integration from to phabricator and the other way round.
  • If we decide to keep some contents on, we have an additional system to maintain, but also another system to be able to provide information.
  • How long will Phabricator be in use? ( software has a 17 year history an a four year history with GnuPG/Gpg4win. Phabricator has 7 years of history and is run a few month for GnuPG.)
  • The advantages of moving the Phabricator would be
    • Integration (what in particular? Updates when linking to issues?)
    • Only one wiki markup to learn for Devs.
    • Only one login.

Target audiences

  • was a catch all: dev people, users, wider community, openpgp, end-to-end Free Software crypto.
  • One idea would be to split a fraction of target groups and ony move them. Like the devs which would profit from the integration with phabricator a lot.
  • A second idea: A refocus on users or Gpg4win or the wide community with the
  • A third idea: Another ways to split would be to say that the wiki has the official infos and the is more open to people adding the infos (like wikipedia).

@marcus you've closed it while I was adding stuff. Where shall we document the way forward? In or or in this task?

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To avoid a single point of failure I would prefer to keep the wiki off from al-kindi and, if Intevation agrees, to keep it where it is.

Gathered information:

@marcus does not aim for migrating the wiki himself in the foreseeable future, thus we should reenable the as long as there is no clear plan -> T3342

@werner prefers that the wiki can run independently from to avoid too much centralisation.

A single-sign on is potentially possible using to configured at . Moinmoin can be configured to use local passwords as backup. If a cookie is used, a short blackout of would possibly be okay as well.

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