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GPGME's GpgmeppConfig.cmake uses .so not .dylib on macOS
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This was reported to Homebrew in

The shared library extension ".so" is hard coded in the file lang/cpp/src/ but on macOS the shared library extension is ".dylib"

As a workaround, I'm doing this in the Homebrew formula:

inreplace "lang/cpp/src/", ";",


It would be great if this could be fixed upstream, though. Thanks!


GPGME 1.9.0

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Uhm I thought this was fixed with 2e661b9e1a9b50656a5c9646d7444a98477010c1 that should have been part of GPGME-1.9.0 are you sure that you are not seeing this with an older version?

According to the reporter in T2884 the patch worked.

@aheinecke Yes, the issue is with INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES not IMPORTED_LOCATION.

*facepalm* Ooops. I see. Thanks for the report. I'll fix it.

@aheinecke thanks! My apologies for not making that clear in the initial report.