gnupg 1.4 built with gcc 7.0.1 fails the tests on ARM
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When Fedora moved to using gcc 7.0.1, the gnupg 1.4 ARM build started failing the tests. If it is built using -O1 they pass, if you use -O2 they fail. I filed a bug with our gcc maintainers and they tracked it down to the old mpi/longlong.h header. See and the fix is supposed to be

I see that longlong.h has been patched for libgcrypt ( but that it is slightly different. I'd give patching it a try myself, but I don't know anything about ARM assembly or what _CLOBBER_CC is supposed to do.

Could someone take a look at this and port the changes to the 1.4 stable branch? Thanks!

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Marcus, can you please check this?

Should be fixed in 782f804765b6f4226fd77843e59f57dcca61b6fb, can you verify that? Thanks!

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It's been a month since last release, no error reports so far.