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Outlook 2010-64bit crashes when opening encrypted message in sent messages and certiface of this message is in "other certificates" insted "trusted certificates"
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I followed first steps to learn encrypting with according to user manual: imported edwards open key in kleopatra. Made mistace to leave certificate under "other certificates" (or maybe it didn't work because there are several subkeys like edward-es@fsf.ord ...). Sent encrypted and signed mail to edward. Result: was able to decrypt edwards answer but mail body was empty (didn't know if this is the expected beahviour because manual is silent in this point! Please change that!). Outlook remained stable. Then opend the mail I sent to edward in "sent mails". Result: Outlook crashes immediatly. This behavier can be reproduced. Outlook crashes each time I try to open this mail.

Then I restarted outlook and went to cleopatra and trusted edwards certificate (so certificate moved from "other cetificates" to "trusted certificates"). After that I could open my mail to edward in "sent mails" without outlook crash. Additionally when I open edwards answer now the mail body is no longer empty and I can read adwards answer.

Second strange but uncritical behaviour: I use a cerio outlook connector in outlook. When starting outlook I get a message box (see attached File) "Fehler in der benutzerdefinierten Benutzeroberfläche von XML von 'GpgOL - The GnuPG Outlook Pluging': Zeile1, Spalte 769, Fehlercode =x80004005, Unbekannte Office-Steuerelement-ID: TabComposerTools. The Message Box has buttons "Ok" and "Alle OK". This "Alle Ok" button is typical showing up when cerio plugin has problems. Clicking on "Alle OK" everything works without problems.

Third "limitation": File attachment with drag&drop doesn't work any more when gpg4win plugin is installed in outlook.


GPG4win 3.0.0 officially released 2017-09-20, Windows 10 home 64bit, Outlook 2010, 64 bit