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GpgOL is displayed in Menu Ribbon, but doesn't work as intended
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It seems that some Users of Outlook 2010 experience a runtime Error in GpgOL.

They report, that the GpgOL Plugin is correctly displayed in the frontend, but it doesn't do any work. They can't en- or decrypt, sign or check signatures on mails. Neither does the display of GpgOL change away from "Insecure".

In addition to that following error pops up:

Fehler bei benutzerdefinierter Benutzeroberfläche von XML von  GpgOL - The GnuPG Outlook Plugin

Zeile: 1
Spalte: 769
Fehlercode: 0x80004005
Unbekannte Office-Steuerelement-ID: TabComposeTool"

A user states, that it seems that the menu ribbon integration seems to fail:

(The original reports can be found via the External Link)

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I recieved the Log File of a user which may helps analyzing this problem further

So, who is going to work on this?

I'm trying to find all relevant information first, then we can discuss who should work on this.

This doesn't seem just to affect E-Mails but also File-Encryption.

We had several reports in the last couple of days about Problems with file encryption. However, the Person who sent me the log about this issue with Mails, had also issues with encrypting Files via S/MIME.

Signieren => ok

Verschlüsseln, egal ob nur an sich selbst oder zusätzlich an einen Fremden

> ok

Signieren + Verschlüsseln => Resultierende Datei ist viel zu klein, ca 3 Kb,
scheint nur der Verschlüsselungsheader enthalten, nicht aber die eigentliche
Datei. Beim Entschlüssen und Prüfen wird eine leere Datei (0 Byte) mit
korrektem Namen angelegt, die wohl eigentlich die ehemals zu
verschlüsselnden Daten enthalten sollte.

Weiterhin ist aufgefallen:
Importiert man einen eigenen SMime-Schlüssel (pub/sec), ist die Ausgabe von
gpgsm -K ok.

Importiert man danach zusätzlich nur einen fremden Pub-Key, tauchen bei der
Ausgabe von gpgsm -K Meldungen mit
gpgsm: DBG: chan_0x000000d8 <- ERR 67108881 Kein geheimer Schl³ssel <GPG Age

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

C:\Users\CLEANED>gpgsm -K
gpgsm: enabled debug flags: x509 mpi crypto memory cache memstat hashing ipc
gpgsm: DBG: get_keygrip for public key
gpgsm: DBG: keygrip= CF CA 58 44 82 22 EC AA F7 7E EF 8C C4 5F 0D 6D B4 E4 1

gpgsm: DBG: chan_0x000000d8 <- OK Pleased to meet you
gpgsm: DBG: connection to agent established
gpgsm: DBG: chan_0x000000d8 -> RESET
gpgsm: DBG: chan_0x000000d8 <- OK
gpgsm: DBG: chan_0x000000d8 -> GETINFO version
gpgsm: DBG: chan_0x000000d8 <- D 2.2.1
gpgsm: DBG: chan_0x000000d8 <- OK
gpgsm: DBG: chan_0x000000d8 -> OPTION allow-pinentry-notify
gpgsm: DBG: chan_0x000000d8 <- OK
gpgsm: DBG: chan_0x000000d8 -> HAVEKEY CFCA58448222ECAAF77EEF8CC45F0D6DB4E41
gpgsm: DBG: chan_0x000000d8 <- ERR 67108881 Kein geheimer Schl³ssel <GPG Age
gpgsm: DBG: get_keygrip for public key
gpgsm: DBG: keygrip= 02 07 A2 0D 02 EF 3B C6 8F F8 5A CF 46 6C 51 04 69 D8 F

gpgsm: DBG: chan_0x000000d8 -> HAVEKEY 0207A20D02EF3BC68FF85ACF466C510469D8F
gpgsm: DBG: chan_0x000000d8 <- ERR 67108881 Kein geheimer Schl³ssel <GPG Age
gpgsm: DBG: get_keygrip for public key
gpgsm: DBG: keygrip= 07 58 5C 31 C9 A6 F4 F7 F3 38 6C 7B 2E ED 06 F2 70 94 D

gpgsm: DBG: chan_0x000000d8 -> HAVEKEY 07585C31C9A6F4F7F3386C7B2EED06F27094D
gpgsm: DBG: chan_0x000000d8 <- OK

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This error looks like an element might be referenced that is not available in Outlook 2010. In that case the problem should be reproducible for users that have Developer Options -> Show Add-In Errors enabled.

< Here is the option in Windows

Jochen please confirm that you get the error I don't have a local OL 2010 installation.

I'm 90% Sure that you will get the error. But I would like to confirm this. Fix would then be straightforward (a version check as TabComposeTool is a GUI Element for the inline editor that OL 2010 does not have. But we should reproduce it first and then fix it to confirm that the fix works.

I enabled the error and did the following with Gpg4win-3.0.0-beta17 with GpgOL-2.0.2-beta8 on Windows 7 (64bit) with Outlook 2010

  • enabled S/MIME
  • opened new Mail
  • typed in a valid recipient
  • klicked "Absichern" a couple of times
  • Outlook froze and crashed
  • As i restarted outlook a message popped up to inform me that gpgol will be disabled and then the known error pops up.
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This error doesn't seem to appear anymore in Version 3.0.1 and it doesn't exist anymore for me.

Gpg4win 3.0.2 is released which contains even more fixes for GpgOL -> Resolving this. Please let us know if you still have Problems that are not tracked here.