Give an option during installation to fuse GnuPG executables with rest of executables from Gpg4win installation
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In the german forum for Gpg4win someone requested to fuse the installation of GnuPG and the other Gpg4win components back together, or to give an option to fuse them back together. Like it was with the gpg4win 2.x releases.

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Sorry, I don't understand this. Can you please elaborate?

With the GPG4Win 3.0 Release, the software is differently distributed to the System. In the 2.x releases it was one folder (usually C:\Programms\gpg4win), now it is distributed to two different folder (C:\Programms\gpg4win and C:\Programms\gnupg). So the complete GnuPG files have been rearranged to their complete own folder.

A user asked if it was possible to fuse them back together into one folder or to give an option during the installation to do so (e.g. two dialogues for choosing a directory).

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I see.

However, I have to reject this idea. There shall be only one GnuPG installation on the system and having a standard location for GnuPG is important so that other software can find it. Using two different versions of GnuPG or its libraries would end up in incompatibilities and hard to triage bug reports.

I agree that it is better to keep it in two directories.
(The potential advantages outweight the drawbacks.)