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decryption does not recognize and preserve the extension of a copied file
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Given files with the following: name / (extension)

  • test_callisto_report.pdf / (gpg)
  • test_callisto_report.pdf (1) / (gpg)
  • test_callisto_report.pdf (2) / (gpg)

Which, for context, is how they would be named if you were to download test_callisto_report.pdf.gpg from an email several times. The decryption process fails to recognize and preserve the .pdf extension for every file beyond the first one. So you can output files like so: name / (extension)

  • test_callisto_report / (pdf)
  • test_callisto_report.pdf (1) / (None)
  • test_callisto_report.pdf (2) / (None)

The ideal behavior here being that the software recognizes the pdf extension for all 3 files, and gives output like so: name / (extension)

  • test_callisto_report / (pdf)
  • test_callisto_report (1) / (pdf)
  • test_callisto_report (2) / (pdf)



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GnuPG does not mess with suffixes but Kleopatra has some rules of it own which might be common to KDE. I thus flag your report as a feature request.

FWIW, I recently noticed that some software inserts the serial number (like (1)) right before the last suffix. That whould fix your problem immediately.