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Admin for Phrabicator needed
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Marcus, who installed and maintained, left g10 Code and the Verein and thus we do not have an admin for that important box anymore. The basic machine administration can still be done by me but the VM with Phrabicator and in particular regular Phrabicator updates and general maintenance tasks would put a too high load on me. Thus g10 code is looking for a freelancer to take care of

Details on the box can be found in the zoolander repo at git://

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Hi, Werner what are the machinery requirements required for running the VM ? I can try to squeeze my academic schedule to do it but I probably would like to change twitter login for something more 'GNU' such as

Kind Regards,

We already have a donated machine with everything setup. This is not going to change. Twitter logon is just a convenience for many folks because there are just so many twitter accounts. And after all this is a public tracker.

Thanks, for the offer, though.

No problems, if you get struggled I am here up to go extra mile for an ideal. Regards "convenience" ... well I quite agree with Richard Stallman on the specific topic the trade off between " freedom Vs convenience" (jump to video @1minutes, 15 seconds) ;-)

For transparency reasons: Intevation will make Werner an offer for maintaining

werner claimed this task.

Reolved since summer last year.