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gpgol 2.0.1 frequently crashes Outlook 2016
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I am running Outlook 2016 Version 1710 (Build 8625.2121 Klick and Run). The gpgol plugin frequently crashes Outlook. It happens when trying to open a signed mail and when changing the recipients of not yet signed mails.
This is going on with such a high frequency that I have to deactivate the plugin for most of the time and only activate it for specific actions, otherwise it renders Outlook unusable.
If told how and what, I am happy to provide additional information.



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How are you connected to your server? I mean IMAP, or Exchange MAPI or is it a Hotmai / account?

I found a bug that caused frequent crashes when connected through an account so thats why I'm asking

I am connected via IMAP. Sometimes Outlook also crashes when I handle a message that is in a local inbox not directly associated with an account. It may be relevant that I have two IMAP accounts configured that run on different key pairs and all messages are shifted to a local inbox on arrival.

Version 3.0.1 just hitted. @madjari - may you can check if the various bugfixes in that version fixed your issue as well?

I have installed the update now @JochenSaalfeld and will observe the behaviour over the coming days.
Somehow my Outlook in combination with the plugin messed with the registry. I could only permanently re-enable the plugin after removing all related registry entries in HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Otherwise it would not load on start anymore even if activated by me.

I'm currently triaging. I give this high priority even if it is testing. We probably need a new GpgOL release soon as there were already some bugs fixed (e.g. Selecting many messages)

After a week with the current version, including a registry cleanup, I had no crashes in Outlook. At the moment it seems to be running stable.

I am very happy to hear that! Thanks.

I'll try to get a new Gpg4win Release with that version out next week.